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Health and Safety

The safety priority

ACCIONA aims for all its professionals to be and feel safe at work and to apply all the necessary preventive measures. It considers the management of occupational hazards to be one of the most important variables to consider in its management model and in the development of its business plans.

ACCIONA aims to be a reference in the field of occupational health and safety. This objective requires compliance with the regulations in force, as well as the promotion of activities and actions that include all its workers. A campaign was conducted last year entitled ‘Fragile’, in order to raise awareness among company professionals.

Campaign achievements:

  • Establishment of a Health and Safety Policy defining responsibilities.
  • Availability of necessary organisational factors.
  • Training and specific information regarding safety to all our employees offered.
  • The existing risks for each activity identified and evaluated.
  • Preventive measures established.
  • Emergency Plans for a fast and effective action designed.
  • Protection equipment provided.
  • Periodic monitoring of employee health with a medical service carried out.
  • Rigorous research carried out on past accidents to establish all opportune measures to avoid recurrence.
  • Awards and incentives granted to stimulate this work, such as the Zero Accident Award, an important tradition in the company.

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