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ACCIONA Agua participates in desalination olympics during the Global Water Intelligence congress

  • ACCIONA Agua will present the Fujairah desalination plant, currently operational in Dubai, and will feature in two round tables on the automation of industrial desalination plants.

ACCIONA Agua will be present at the annual Global Water Intelligence congress organized by the magazine of the same name, to be held in London this year from 8 to 10 April.

Pedro Miranda, Operation and Maintenance Engineer for desalination plants, will represent ACCIONA Agua in the first “Desalination Olympics” organized as part of the event.

This session, which will take place on Tuesday 9 April at 16:00, will bring together five of the leading world operators of desalination plants to present their success stories and explain the main challenges, innovations, performance improvements and lessons learned.

Pedro Miranda will present the Fujairah desalination plant built by ACCIONA Agua in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), which is now in the operation and maintenance phase. Fujairah was constructed to ensure water supplies to the region in an area that has experienced episodes of red tide algae and long periods of water shortages. The new plant has been designed to continue operating in the event of red tides in the area in the future.

Also on Tuesday 9 April, at 11:45 ACCIONA Agua Business Development Manager in the Middle East Julio de la Rosa and Cosima Sichel, from the Water Treatment area of Siemens, will moderate a round table titled “What are the latest models of automation and new technologies that are changing industrial water treatment plants?”

ACCIONA Agua’s participation at GWI will be rounded off by the company’s CEO José Díaz-Caneja, who will take part in a specific workshop on desalination. The aim is to bring together key players in the large-scale desalination sector to design a strategy to enable the provision of water at a competitive price over the next five years.

This working group will analyse three specific items that need to be addressed by the industry overall: the optimization of tender specifications and the calculation of technical limits: new technologies, and new trends in innovation.

You can consult the full programme for the Congress at: www.watermeetsmoney.com/agenda-2019-day-1

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