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Why does ACCIONA recommend drinking tap water?




Water plays a basic role in our everyday life. As well as being our main source of hydration, we do things related to this resource that have an impact on our health on a continuous basis, such as: showering, cooking, washing fruit and vegetables, cleaning the house and nowadays -ever more important- washing our hands.

All this, in the context of the current situation in which everyone has to stay at home. Given that the time we spend in our homes will probably increase after this health crisis, the availability and continuous supply of quality tap water in sufficient quantities will be of vital importance.

ACCIONA is present in all the phases of the end-to-end water cycle, from its catchment in Nature to returning it to the environment while ensuring quality supplies. Our efforts are focused to ensure that drinking water will never be lacking in people’s homes.

Tap water is the healthiest, cheapest option, and the most sustainable one in environmental terms. It is the safest for human consumption as it is subject to strict quality control regulations in real time, as well as daily analyses throughout the catchment, treatment, distribution and supply chain. It reaches the consumer faster once it has been collected from the environment, in hours and not weeks or months as is the case with bottled water; it is the cheapest option, costing one thousand times less than bottled water and has the least impact on the environment because it does not needs plastic or glass containers or transport by polluting vehicles.

This leads us to refute the false myth that bottled water is better. Its quality is only controlled before the bottling process, and it is then stored, transported and distributed before reaching the end consumer after a long period of time.

In ACCIONA we know that access to drinking water is a public health matter, which is why we have our own R&D+i Department to advise our heads of water management services on the application of the best practices in the sector and innovate new processes that increase the safety and quality of drinking water. According to the World Health Organisation, countries with poor access to quality water and sanitation services have a life expectancy 7 times lower than those where citizens can access these services.

ACCIONA, thanks to its experience in all the phases of the end-to-end water cycle, works non-stop to offer a service of excellence to supply drinking water to households that is by far the best available, so that citizens can be sure and confident that water they will consume is top quality.

Consuming tap water is the safest, cheapest and -obviously- most responsible option in terms of caring for the environment. Choosing tap water is the most sensible decision in every respect.


Practical advice: Take a glass bottle with a wide neck, fill it with tap water (let the water run for a few seconds beforehand) and put it in the fridge, open. This way you will always have fresh drinking water that does not taste of chlorine for 0.002 euros a day; in other words, less than €1 a year. You will also have avoided the production of 400 bottles of plastic a year and the emission of many tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere.



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