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ACCIONA Agua wins the iAgua prize for the best sector company




ACCIONA Agua has been recognized as the best sector company in the latest edition of the iAgua prizes, awarded yesterday by this specialist magazine. The company also won the Best Video prize for its audiovisual project “The Atotonilco WWTP celebrates its firt year in operation"

The award ceremony took place in the Roca Auditorium in Madrid and was attended by more than 300 people, among them representatives from the main sector companies, public administrations, universities, research centres and NGOs from the water sector.

The iAgua Prizes are awarded every year, recognizing the work of leading individual and organizations in Spain and Latin America. The prizes are awarded based on the results of the iAgua ranking, which uses its own algorithm to analyse different indicators such as hits on the content published on the iAgua website and its repercussions in social media.

In this 5th edition, the prizes were in 27 categories with around one hundred nominees.

This is the first time that ACCIONA Agua has won the best company prize, the top one, thanks to the communication and dissemination activity it has carried out over the year. In 2018, ACCIONA Agua published 166 informative items, including press releases, interviews, videos, reports and articles. This effort meant that it received a total score of 17,746 points in the ranking, with more than 48,823 visits to its website and over 1,560 'Likes' on social media.


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