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Smart Water Burgos

The project, called SWING (Smart Water Innovation Network in the city of BurGos), is part of SmartWater4Europe, a European research project in which 21 entities are participating, including water utility companies, technology companies, universities and research centers.


ACCIONA has signed a contract with Aguas de Burgos, the company that runs the city’s drinking water service, to set up a management system for water supplies that will provide instantaneous and remote control of the quality of the water, meter readings and the general state of the network. The city of Burgos will thus become a pioneer in incorporating the ‘smart city’ concept into water management.

A single software platform will integrate daily remote readings of users’ meters, a Geographical Information System (GIS), remote control data, algorithms to forecast demand, a large number of sensors to monitor water quality, and a mathematical model to predict the behavior of the supply system, among other technologies. As a result, advanced business management systems can be developed.

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