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    Divinopolis water system

    The contract covers the operation and maintenance of the system for the next 26 years.

    ACCIONA −in a consortium with local companies GEL Engenharia and FB Participaciones− will carry out the design, construction and start-up of two wastewater treatment stations, 16 pumping stations for the system and the construction of a wastewater pipe network for the city. 

    The project is of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) type on an equal basis with Copasa, the joint enterprise responsible for the management of water supplies and sanitation in the State.

    General Information

    • Entity:Copasa
    • Location: Divinopolis, Minas de Gerais, Brasil
    • Population: 228.800 inhabitants

    Key points

     The water system has 3 WWTP:

    Itapecerica  WWTP

    • Capacity: 34,560 m3/d extended to 51,840 m3/d 

    Pará WWTP

    • Capacity: 1,296 m3/d extended to 2,592 m3

    EDAR Ermida

    • Capacity: 1,296 m3/d

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