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    Albufeira WWTP

    Albufeira (Portugal) Waste Water Treatment Plant

    General Information

    • Entity: Câmara Municipal de Albufeira
    • Location: Albufeira, Portugal
    • Population: 130,000 hab/eq
    • Capacity: 24,000 m3/day

    Key points

    Water Line

    • Intake facilities / Pumping well with emergency spillway and by-pass
    • Screening / rough solids retention
    • Pumping well
    • Sieving and waste collection
    • Desanding – degreasing
    • Dephosphatation
    • Biological reactor
    • Secondary settling
    • Deodorization
    • Filtration
    • U.V. disinfection
    • Effluent discharge to artificial lake

    Sludge Line

    • Sludge thickening and deodorization
    • Thickened sludge pumping using an excentric shank, mono type pump
    • Sludge centrifugal dehydration adding polyelectrolyte and deodorization
    • Sludge unloading to the municipal container

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