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    Beckton SWRO

    Design and construction of the first desalination plant in Great Britain.

    General Information

    • Project: Beckton Desalination Plant
    • Entity: Thames Water Utilities Limited
    • Location: London, Great Britain
    • Capacity: 150,000 m3/day  
    • Population: 900,000

    Key points

    • The catchment is carried out in the Estuary of the River Thames during the hours of low tide, in order to guarantee the appropriate quality of the raw water of the process.
    • Hypochlorite dosage, polyaluminium chloride and sulphuric acid.
    • Lamellar sedimentation.
    • The plan has 17 sand filters.
    • 19 filter prelayer with earth diatom of 28 µm.
    • For safety filtration, the plant has 10 selectivity cartridge filters of 5 µm.
    • Dosage of bisulphate for the elimination of residual chlorine.
    • The reverse osmosis plant uses a unique design with 4 stages to minimise the specific energy consumption of the process, as well as the flow in the main elements at each stage.
    • Stages 1 and 2 are configured with 9 frames and each one of these with a supply pump and another booster pump, while stages 3 and 4 are configured with 3 frames.
    • The supply and booster pumps are equipped with a speed variator to adapt to the reduction in the conditions of supply pressure of the reverse osmosis.
    • The Pelton Turbines are coupled to the supply pumps of the 3rd stage for energy recovery.
    • 84% conversion.
    • Remineralisation through dosage of lime, carbon dioxide and magnesium sulphate.

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