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    Potable water network of Esmeraldas

    Construction, extension and improvement of water catchment and potabilization

    The Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Municipality of Cantón Esmeraldas (Ecuador) has awarded a joint venture headed by ACCIONA the construction, extension and improvement of water catchment and potabilization in Esmeraldas, the capital of the province of the same name in the north of the country.

    The contract also covers a number of measures to modernize the entire potable water system of the city and its hinterland. For example, the extension of the catchment in the river Esmeraldas, doubling the present length of the spillway to capture 3,200 liters per second, the installation of pumps and new potabilization modules, the optimization of the present potable water plant and the construction of a new drinking water pumping station. It also covers repairs to the collection tanks and new sewerage and piping systems.

    General information

    • Entity: Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado del Municipio del Cantón Esmeraldas
    • Location: Esmeraldas, Ecuador
    • Population Served: 200.000 habitantes

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