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    More than 180 municipalities in Spain benefit from our comprehensive services for communities.

    Attention to citizens and effective solution to their problems are a vital tool in our business management.

    For more than 30 years, at the water business of ACCIONA we have provided comprehensive management of the complete water cycle, with the result of a high-quality, daily water supply and systems that treat the environment with respect.

    The complete water cycle starts with the collection of untreated water, followed by treatment at a drinking water treatment plant that results in clean water, maintenance and control of the water tanks, management of distribution networks, and the subsequent distribution to the population. In addition, the water is constantly analysed for quality conditions at our laboratories and thus guaranteeing higher quality to the end user.

    Another service is the systematic evaluation of the supply and drainage networks. This ensures that in the municipalities where ACCIONA manages the water supply, high yields are obtained with the use of the latest technologies available on the market for the detection and repair of leaks, thus minimising losses.

    The cycle closes with the treatment of wastewater, after which it can be returned to its natural environment or reused in irrigation with minimum environmental impact, contributing to the sustainable development of integrated management.

    In May 2009, the contract was signed for the construction and management over a period of 36 years of the services of the integral water cycle for 10 urban areas of the municipality (Andraxt) with a population of around 11,000 inhabitants. This is the first contract to be awarded in Spain using the competitive dialogue model and is one of the largest in terms of investment in the Balearic Islands. The construction of these services took 2 years and created employment for some 200 workers.

    In 2015, the company, awarded the contract for the maintenance of the water supply service in Lima, Peru, and the potable water and sewerage systems in the Southern Service Area, which includes eight districts of the Peruvian capital under the ‘Surquillo’ Service Center. 

    Moreover, the company awarded in 2017 the contract of the end-to-end water management service for the municipality of Boca del Rio in Mexico. Under the contract, ACCIONA will manage the provision and distribution of drinking water, operate the sewers and waste water treatment facilities, and manage over 50,000 customers.

    At present, the water business of ACCIONA offers services to more than 180 municipalities in Spain, Peru, Italy and Mexico, supplying a total population of nearly 17.8 million.


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