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    Operations and maintenance

    All our operations and maintenance activities are based on sustainable principles.

    Throughout the operations and maintenance chain of WTPs (Water Treatment Plants), the water business of ACCIONA aims to optimise the various processes with the application of the latest technology, by minimising energy consumption, guaranteeing high-performance purification in the treatment and analytical control of water quality, as well as the correct environmental management of mud, waste and by-products generated in the treatment processes.

    The water business of ACCIONA applies a policy of sustainability in the operation and maintenance of its facilities, for example by minimising the emissions of odours and noise, reducing energy consumption and reusing effluent water in the preparation processes for reagents.

    ACCIONA's maintenance strategy concentrates on in-depth, preventive measures which ensures a minimum of corrective maintenance, thus reducing damage to the facilities, or interruption of activities. For this, computer programmes and devices such as vibrometers, thermographic cameras and calibration of signals are applied.

    Finally, in its constant search to reduce the production of waste and energy consumption, the water business of ACCIONA develops many new technology applications, such as sludge treatment by ultrasound for the improvement of anaerobic digestion and aerobic thermophilic digestion for the improvement of the stabilisation of sludge sanitation.

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