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Sustainability master plan (SMP 2015)

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ACCIONA is known for promoting a business model that attempts to remain several steps ahead of the risks and challenges of sustainable development; manage them responsibly and make the most of new opportunities that may arise.

Accordingly, the main vehicle for ACCIONA's sustainability strategy is the Sustainability Master Plan 2015 (SMP 2015), a road map that brings together and structures the Company's complete range of sustainability-related initiatives, across the entire Organization, and lays down objectives in nine different areas: Innovation, Environment, Society, People, Value Circle, Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, Dissemination & Leadership, and Accountability. All of these areas are required to meet measurable and quantifiable objectives designed to bring them closer to and tie them to business, in an effort to enhance our capacity for competitiveness aimed at sustainable development. You can see how all the Sustainability Master Plan Areas are related to each other in this infographic.

The Sustainability Master Plan outlines the Sustainability Strategy of ACCIONA.

In short, ACCIONA's Sustainability Master Plan is linked from the outset to the Company's vision and mission, in keeping with our strategic business priorities. ACCIONA takes on the responsibility of not only mitigating new risks but also responding successfully to new opportunities that arise from the challenges in the world around us.

Sustainability actions are a top-down, hands-on concern at ACCIONA, as evidenced by the fact that in 2009 the Company created a board-level Sustainability Committee entrusted with the task of approving the SMP 2015's objectives and monitoring their progress. You can learn more about some sustainability actions in this presentation.


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