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Our desalination, sewage treatment and water purification plants protect your environment.

The main challenge for a company such as ACCIONA Agua is to satisfy the growing global needs for water and to do so in an environmentally acceptable way, using advanced technology and innovative management models.

Desalination is one of the vital services offered by ACCIONA Agua as a solution to the water shortage. A total of 53 Hm³ was desalinated in our facilities last year, an indication of the growing tendency of the activity.

One of the key points in the technological advancement of desalination is the reduction of energy consumption at the facilities. ACCIONA Agua believes that management is crucial for developing competitive solutions both in the design phase of the desalination plants, (which become commercial operations), as well as the company’s R&D. An important line of our R&D work focuses on the optimisation and improvement of efficiency in desalination, through the application of technologies and renewable energies in desalination and open sea desalination plants.

In the design of desalination plants – all of which use reverse osmosis technology – energy consumption is minimised, maximising recovery of the energy used through advanced Performance Recuperation Systems (hydraulic energy recuperators that offset consumption). 

Reuse is another important line of work. Currently, more than 22 Hm³ of water subject to tertiary treatment is produced in purification plants that is later used for irrigation, and other applications. The new technological developments linked to the reuse of wastewater, such as Membrane Biological Reactors, allow for much more extensive use of the treated water.

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