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    Sollano DWTP

    Raw water canal running from the dam built off the Ordunte river, a tributary of Cadagua river, through the pumping stations of Ibarra and Berrón.

    General Information 

    • Project: DWTP (Water Treatment Plant) Sollano. 
    • Entity: Municipality of Bilbao. 
    • Location: Zalla, Vizcaya (Basque Country). Spain. 
    • Design flow: 129,600 m3/day. 
    • Population: 300,000.

    key points


    Headworks or mixing chamber of three push button type decanters, 18 aquazur open type sand filters.

    Reagents used in the process:

    Coagulant, basic polychlorinated aluminium sulphate, flocculant, anionic polyelectrolyte, disinfectant, chlorine gas, disinfection reinforcement, hypochlorite, additional flocculant, fluoride.

    Sludge treatment: 

    • Catchment dams of filter washing and decanter purge water. 
    • Thickener. 
    • Buffer tank. 
    • Press filter.


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