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    Umm Al Houl SWRO

    Design, construction and later operation and maintenance

    Umm Al Houl will produce 284,000 m3 per day as part of a large-scale Independent Water & Power Project (IWPP) that produce around 2,500 MW of electric power and reach 614,000 m3 per day after the start-up of the new facility. The contract covered the design, construction and actual operation and maintenance of the facility.

    The plant represented a real milestone in the world of desalination, as it is the first time that reverse osmosis technology was used on a large scale in Qatar. To date, only evaporation technology was used to desalinate water

    General Information

    • Location: Doha, Qatar
    • Capacity: 284,000 m3/d 
    • Procedure: Reverse Osmosis 
    • Type of contract: EPC + O&M 
    • Population: 1,8 millions

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